Located 11 KM outside the city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at an altitude of 2,700 Meters above sea level, the Yaya Village provides everything an athlete requires whether the goal is to build and early season base or to fine-tune before a major competition. The 4 star resort provides a hotel, gymnasium, restaurant, steam/sauna, physiotherapy, massage, beach volleyball court, horse riding, running track and an organic farm.

Surrounded by lush green forest and mountains with ideal temperatures, the facility is optimal for endurance athletes. Visitors can train inside the 3,500 square feet gymnasium, 400M sand track or step into the nearby forest for miles of running.

We provide complete packages including accommodation, 3 full meals optimized for athletes, training by internationally known coaches, pick-up from the airport, and the opportunity to interact with world famous athletes such as Haile Gebrselassie and others.


The Yaya Girls; Yaya's Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign

The lives of Ethiopian women and their standing in the community has improved in recent times. However, historical and traditional Ethiopian values have been unfair on women and there is still a long way to go to achieve gender equality. Yaya Village aims to contribute to improving the lives of women through athletics, English teaching and job skills advice. As gender roles are slowly beginning to change in Ethiopian society, the time is ripe to target impoverished teenage girls. Confronting the issues of gender inequality in Ethiopia by targeting adolescent girls and giving them support will expand these girls’ freedoms and will help break the intergenerational poverty that is passed down from disadvantaged young mothers to their children.


Responsible sustainable development is a key aspect of the Yaya Village project. We have applied many aspects of eco-tourism at Yaya including:


Yaya Village was established in 2009 by Joseph Kibur and three other shareholders, including double Olympic gold medalist Haile Gebrselassie.The site was opened in 2011 after a two year construction period. The location was chosen because it is an ideal environment for endurance training: Yaya Village sits an altitude of 2700 meters above sea level The daily temperatures and climate are very pleasant for long distance training; The surrounding forest, fields and mountains provide a diversity of safe and


The Yaya Village mission is to provide a world class high-altitude training facility for both local and international endurance athletes. Sustainable development of the community is another important aim of the project. To achieve this goal we follow the concepts of eco-tourism by employing local people whenever possible, recycling waste, growing vegetables and spices in our own organic farm and conserving energy. The Yaya Village also hopes to aid the development of young Ethiopian athletes and has the long-term goal of producing an Olympian. Through the Yaya Girls Running Program we provide scholarships and life-skills assistance to young women with athletic potential.


Jobs and Volunteering Opportunities

We have a number of both paid and volunteer positions available. We accept applications from international students and graduates looking for experience in the sports and hospitality industries.